Ladies And gentlemen…

We are now officially on Twitter.

Yes, you can all now follow me @BabakEbrahim.

I´ll get back to y´all later.


The company I work with (not for ;)), Suredo, now also has WaterCircles , a new environmentally aware insurance company, as a part of their portfolio. I smell big things happening!!

You can find more on the subject at InsurancesAreFun.

Be Good!/ Babak



Good morning friends,

Yes, I must admit that I have given up. I must admit that I´ve always been seeing the benefits of social media, but I have also been a little bit scared to expose ones private life. Being accessible isn’t always a good thing.


Aaaannnnyyy whooo here´s the link to my Facebook page :

Now don’t expect me to like, tag, post, share, upload, OSA, delete, confirm or join anything! I am merely a member because everyone from my colleagues to my mother thought it was kind of weird. Or rather, I was kind of weird!


Btw don’t forget to check out nice suits at my man Mr.Fancy Suit. Read and learn more about insurance at insurances are fun

and if you live in Sweden log on to to compare your insurances!


So what I got now? Facebook , LinkedIn, this blog and a cell phone. Give me a minute or 2 and I will get back at y´all with a twitter account as well! Aaaand what?

Ok, now everyone have a wonderful day, and be good!


// B

Quit another job, got me yet another one!

Yes I sure did. I quit my part-time job as a salesman at 2book, as I was offered a team manager position at an insurance agency called Suredo. Make sure you check the website out if you ever need help comparing your insurances.

I will keep you posted as things develop at the new company, but everything looks promising!


And last but not least, I will really try to write more frequently, its just that I´ve had so much to do with dealing with a whole bunch of personal issues and trying to delegate tasks and mediate in family matters.


Enough about all of that tho, 2012 is ours!!

More about the job

Yea so Im supposed to work part-time for this company called 2book. Log on to their website, they provide online booking sollutions for restaurants, to make their tasks easier.

Their website is . I been working for them sporadically before, now I will work there from time to time, booking meetings etc.

Since my pops passed I´ve been wanting a change of envoirement. Hopefully this will make me get back to my normal self…

/Babak Ebrahim